Garmin Approach G80 links Radar Feature and Golf GPS Technology for entertaining gaming experience

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Garmin launched all in one Approach G80, it’s a premium GPS golf device that comes with GPS technology which can calculate swing metrics. And Radar capabilities provides golfers to analyze their performance by tracking their club head speed, ball speed, smash factor, swing tempo and estimated distance. The Approach G80 comes with a very slim look with 3.5 touch screen. It has a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 15 hours. There is an access button to unveil the integrated radar features during play. It introduces variety of game modes, golfers can test their skills on the driving range.

Garmin Approach G80 provides the advantage of a golf GPS that serves all in one tutor. It helps player to enhance their skills by testing all their skills. It comes up with some useful practice and game modes like warm-up, Tempo Training, Virtual Round, and Target Practice. The device provides new gaming options that are fun for players of the sport. Golfers can enjoy using this device to develop their consistency, and can compete with their friends. Players can play virtual tournament and can chose challenge mode for two players.

When user is out on the course, he can use the Approach G80 to get deeper into a golfing experience. And feature as Touch Targeting allows player to touch any specific point shown on the display. Players also can increase the font size to easily read the yardage numbers. They can use pin pointer feature that will work as compass to guide you easily.
Golfers can download the Garmin Golf app so that you can enjoy every feature of connected Approach G80. Players can also get connected with other golfers by posting and reviewing stats, rankings.
The Approach G80 is the best solution for outdoor segment that focuses on enhancing outdoor experiences.

The Garmin Forerunner 45

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Garmin takes sports very seriously, so they provided focused mid level and advanced GPS sports watches. Garmin launched their entry level watches Forerunner 45 and 45S. These devices are really powerful in terms of workout trackers, and everything you need. There are two models with two different sizes. One model is 45S, that has a 39mm case, and bigger one has 45 that have 42 mm case. If user doesn’t like bulky sport watches, then this device can care for you. If someone is looking for smaller case then model pricey Fenix 5S Plus.
These new generation watches are different from the old version watch like Forerunner 35. And the screen diameter is of 1.06” (26.3 mm), and its same on both sizes. The bigger Forerunner 45 has thicker bezels.
Another big change of this watch is its five button control layout like you get in Forerunner 245 and 945. The old Garmin 35 had four buttons only which made more presses to hunt menu. Now operation of watch is more smooth and you will right at home.
Forerunner 45 Basics:

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The new Forerunner 45 is fully loaded with the entire feature that people like to expect in sports watch. It can track your workouts through GPS and can measure the distance, intervals. It can be locked through satellite systems. Its battery life is excellent and can run 13 hours. The forerunner 45 tracks your full day activity and tracks your sleep also in night.
Now it has feature in which you can load some custom structured workouts in Forerunner 45. Along with that you can set up custom alerts for heart rate Zones, pace distance, and more. One feature that separates the new 45 from old versions is its compatibility with Connect IQ, Garmin’s app ecosystem.
Other updates of Garmin Forerunner 45:
Body battery and stress tracking- By this feature watch can measure how much stress you are taking and how much energy has been spent throughout the day.
Assistance Alert feature:
If you meet with any accident on your bike or fall on a run then Garmin 45 can alert the emergency contacts and provide them the last GPS location. And if you haven’t met with any big incident but still you want to share your current locations then you need to hold down a button on to do so. For using this feature you should have your phone with you.
Additional features for sports mode:
This forerunner 45 has following modes like treadmill, run, cardio, walk, indoor tracks, yoga and other.
Now as you can see the difference between 35 and 45, it is coming along with lots of different capabilities that was not in old version and now you can see Forerunner 45 and 45S that have all the required advanced feature in it.
Moreover all the new advanced qualities Forerunner 45 has some limitations as well like you have the limit to three data fields per screen, and when you scroll through the data then only metric labels are shown and they are replaced by numbers after few seconds. Even with the Forerunner 45 and 45s you will get both utility for beginners and serious athelets.

People, who are more into sports and workouts and want to track their daily activities, heart rates and blood pressure, and steps. By keeping all records you can improve your health and assist you in your workouts. The new feature allows you to alert you on many sensitive up downs. And if you get in trouble then it shares your current location with your contacts for emergency. 
 In today’s fast life one need to have these devices so it can detect your stress level as well and will tell you where you need to take rest as per your energy consumption in a day.
 Gaming and sports also get better after having assistance from such gadgets. You can enhance your gaming skills after analyzing your data. Hence you get all health solutions in one gadget with extra ordinary features. And the look of watch is also impressive to wear. Garmin products have high level quality in their products.

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