How to Connect Garmin Data to Apple Health:

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How to Connect Garmin Data to Apple Health:

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First open the Apple Health App on your iPhone.
Then click on ‘sources’ icon at bottom of screen to search the supported platforms
Then Click on ‘Connect’
You can choose the data you want to share with Apple Health.
List of the data types:
Body Mass Index
Body Fat Percentage
Resting Energy
Active Energy
Walking + Running Distance
Heart Rate
Once Garmin Connect sharing is on in Apple Health, all data will be sync every time. If App is closed or
running in background, the data transfer to apple health will not complete till proper sync the Garmin
Connect App is open.

Once the Apple Health is on in sharing, the application will only show the data collected from up to 2
 weeks before sharing being enabled. When syncing is enabled, it can only be disabled from the source
 list in the health app not in Connect.

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However some users faced a problem where the Garmin connect is not reading weight in Apple Health.
It is accessing other data like Date of birth; sex and height except for weight whose option not shown
If you still face any issue or problem in Garmin Connect for not reading weight in Apple health then you
can call us our toll free numbers Garmin Support Number 18007845219
How we can troubleshoot charging problems on Approach Device:
If the any charging problem occurs in Approach device then it might be a connection issue with the clip
or AC Adapter.
There can be many things that can be checked when you try to charge the Approach.
 Attach and reattach the charger.
 Make sure that the contacts on watch and charging clip are clean.
 Try to charge the device from different source like computer.
 If the device start charging through different source then AC adapter could be defective.
 Ensure the software of device is up to date.
 See connected content for info on updating the device.
 Leave the device connected to the charger for minimum 2 hours.
When the device is charging you can see a battery icon displayed on the screen.
And if the battery icon doesn’t appear on the screen and remains not getting charged then the
charging clip might have to get replaced.

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Approach Charging Cable:

If the original charger’s cable is broken and now it’s not charging the device then replacement charging
cable can be purchased.
Simple Steps for Garmin Convert to IGO:
IGO and Garmin, both are GPS. A GPS presents a map of your live location and then analyze all the
knowledge like latitude, longitude, altitude and target distance. A GPS is capable enough of operating in
any weather conditions, 24 hours a day.
You just need to convert your Garmin map into IGO Format if you want to use it on a Garmin Device. To
make this easy, here we have shown the steps to follow to convert your Garmin Maps to IGO:

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