How To Update Garmin Nuvi 40lm

How To Update Garmin Nuvi 40lm

how to update Garmin Nuvi 40lm

Garmin Nuvi 40lm is a portable GPS navigator that is completely geared to provide complete GPS assistance.

With the device designed solely for the purpose of GPS navigation, you can expect a highly intuitive interface combined with all tailor-made features. While it’s true that the Nuvi products have been discontinued, the available products are entirely operational and can be used regularly.

You need to Update Garmin Nuvi now and then to get all the fixes and new features plus the needed map updates.

In this article, let us discuss how to update Garmin Nuvi 40lm easily and get all the new features. There is also a Frequently Asked Questions section at the end of this article which you can refer to understand the answers of some of the commonly answered questions.


Updating your Garmin Nuvi 40lm:

Speaking about updates, there are two kinds of them: System updates and Map updates. As the name indicates, system updates deal with the general operation of the system while map updates improve the maps that are used for navigation. 

With Garmin announcing that it would give free lifetime updates of maps, it is even more comfortable to update maps of your device. But beware that the map can be updated only four times a year!

Now, let’s go to the actual process of how to Update Garmin Nuvi 40lm. There are basically three ways for updating your Garmin device: you can use Garmin Express software to automatically search and download updates for you, manually download and install updates for you or Update using Garmin Connect. However, note that updates sometimes tend to be huge and it can take a long time.

Let us discuss all of them, and you pick the way you like.


Steps for updating Garmin Device using Garmin Express:

I) First, you need to download the software. To download it, Open the link: Garmin Express and choose download for your operating system. Garmin Express is available for both Windows and Mac Devices.

II) After the download finishes, install the software by simply following the on-screen instructions.

III) Now, start Garmin Express and connect your Garmin Device to the computer using a USB cable. However, you may also try to connect your device to the same wifi connection to get it recognized by the Garmin Express.

IV) In the Software, click Add a device. The software will automatically detect your connected device in a few moments. After successful detection, click on Add device.

V) Now, you will be guided through a procedure for adding the device. Simply follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process of adding the device.

VI) After your device has been added, Garmin Express would start searching for updates for your device. When all the updates are found, it will show you the results.

VII) You now have two options: You can either install the updates now or choose to install a specific set of updates.

Now, Garmin Express downloads and installs the selected updates and readies your device!


Manually Downloading and installing map update:

In this method, you download the update yourself and install the update. But before you can download, you need to have a myGarmin account and have your device registered. Creating an account is easy as you need to go to and just create an account and give simple information and preferences.

Registration is also straightforward, after logging into your myGarmin account, connect the device to the computer and then from the home tab, click register and give the details of your product and follow on-screen instructions.

The next steps are:

I) Get map updates by going to your myGarmin account and selecting relevant map update (purchase or the free update). You can download the free update or get it mailed to you within a disk. Make sure you have written down the product key. Purchased updates can be directly downloaded.

II) Now you would receive a map update file in the form of GarminMapUpdateX.X.exe(for Windows) or GarminMapUpdateX.X.dmg(for Mac).

III) Run the file and give the necessary details.

IV) If your device is ready for map update, the message “Ready to update your maps” must appear. If your device does not have sufficient memory, then it asks you if you want to backup and removes data from the device. Select the option relevant to you and make sure your device is ready for the update.

V) Now you can update the device or choose to set specific advanced settings. In the advanced section, you can select the location of the map region to install and also the location where to install it. Choose the options appropriate to you.

VI) Installation now begins and after everything completes, click continue and then exit. Your device is updated!


Using Garmin Connect to update device:

Garmin Connect is a mobile app that gives a lot of functionality related to your Garmin device on your mobile. Here are the steps for using Garmin Connect to update the device:

I) Download the app and create a Garmin Connect account.

II) Pair your smartphone with the app. To pair, open the app and go to settings, phone, and select pair phone. Make sure you have your device within 10m of your phone. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

III) When you synchronize your device with the app, the app automatically sends software updates whenever they are available

IV) After receiving the update, just follow the simple on-screen instructions to complete it.


Frequently Asked Questions On How To Update Garmin Nuvi:

1) Can I update Garmin maps without a USB cable?

Ans) Yes.


2)How much does a Garmin update cost?

Ans) Garmin Software updates are free of cost. However, map updates for Garmin Nuvi 40lm are free only for four times a year.


3) Can I update my Garmin with my phone?

Ans)) Yes. You can use Garmin Connect App on mobile to update the device with the phone. 


4) Can I update my Garmin Nuvi for free?

Ans) Yes, you can. You can use Garmin Express to easily install the software updates for the product. However, you can only install four map updates for free a year.

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