Garmin Terms and Conditions

These Following are the Term and conditions to use our technical service for Garmin device. We don’t have any hidden terms and conditions. Our Garmin website provides a legal contract to clients with all terms and conditions.


You can ask a refund from us within 30 days starting from the date of purchase. If at any point of time you feel that our service is not satisfying you then you can ask for a refund from us. We are not going to impose any shipping charge, handling charge, any taxes or any other kind of fee.

You may choose to opt out from any paid provided by us and request for a refund for the paid amount only if no support service is provided to you by and the refund request has been initiated within five days from subscription date.


To some specific states and jurisdictions where the limitation of refund rights are not allowed this clause may not be applicable.

However, any other valid refund right will not be affected by this clause. You would be considered to have agreed and accepted the bounds by these terms if you had subscribed to our service.


The services which would be delivered to you will be that which are under the subscription plan that you have subscribed from our website or by calling our Garmin express. These Terms of Use governs all plans available on our website.

Our Websites is our officially operated, licensed website which is controlled by our technicians or by our resellers.

From our Garmin website, you can download the material from the material we mean contents, webcast, data sheets, frequently asked questions, press releases, product information or any other proprietary or copyrighted information which is available to download from our website. The term ‘Materials’ does include the interface, theme, layout or design of our website.

Mode of payment

Only after your consent, the amount will be processed. You will come to know about the charge of services while having the telephonic conversation with our experts or you will come to know it through our website. The payment should be made before the start of the support by us. In case the full payment is not made, the customer shall be liable to pay any higher legal charge on the amount.

Renewal Policy

We will serve you until you get satisfied. We can provide you an extension of the services. The term of the support will renew automatically for the same period if the detail is same as provides for the same time. You need to contact us yourself if you want to cancel the renewal or change the contractual terms